Monday, July 7, 2014

Yo se que

Oh just a bearded dragon on my shoulder. Nbd.

My family! Hola!

What a wonderful week of learning. And what a wonderful day of rest it is for missionaries around the world.

Quick update on this week as far as the work goes: It's a little slow but we're trying to pick up the pace. We found 18 new people to teach this past week so that should keep us a little busy! Expecting many miracles to come this next week! :)

I thought it'd be fun to share a few phrases that I learned quickly in Spanish. I say most of these phrases numerous times a day and many of them I learned on my first day here. So here goes:

1. "No hablo mucho.... estoy aprendiendo" 
(I don't speak much... I'm learning)
I learned this with the first meeting I think I ever had here in Chamblee. I probably say it 20 times a day. Pretty much to everyone we meet. I should have more confidence in myself but honestly, I tell people I'm learning because sometimes, rarely, but sometimes they speak a little slower and help me out. Most people here know some English so if I don't know a word then I'll say it in English and they'll either get it or my cool companion will translate. It may take me longer to learn Spanish since I'm not "submersed" in the language.. but hey. I'm not complaining!

2. "Que beuno", "Gracias" and "Si"
In many conversations we have throughout the day, these are the top 3 responses I use. Que beuno literally translates to "what good/goodness" but it's used to say something along the lines of "that's great!" Then of course "gracias" is a given. Gotta say thanks as often as I can! And lastly, I use "si" to obviously answer questions but any kind of response I don't know how to give I just kinda nod my head and say "oh yeah, si, si" hahah. I find that I rarely say no. Maybe it's not a good thing that I just kind of agree with everything... I think this is something that a lot of missionaries do when they're learning a language. We really just don't know what the heck is going on sometimes... lots of smiling and waving. I hear the movie Madagascar in my head "just smile and wave boys, smile and wave" 

3. "Ven aqui!"
This means "come here". Which I say to every child. Gosh all these kids are so dang cute! Most of them speak English too so I get along real well with them haha :)

MY FAVORITE CHILD. THIS kid. Look at those Cachetas!! 

Family is so so important to the Hispanic culture. Most people I talk to have so many kids!! It seems like they all have young kids too and if they don't have kids, their families are in their home country while they're here trying to support them. Most of them all live in one house too- grandparents, grandkids, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc. Probably helpful for financial purposes but I've learned that it's mainly due to their culture. And let me just tell you the variety of Hispanic culture I've been educated on from right here in the Melting Pot. I've met people from Honduras, Dominican  Republic, Mexico, Peru, Venezuela, Guatemala, Uruguay, Columbia, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Bolivia and Salvador. And the food! Goodness so many good foods with rice and beans as the common denominator. I've come to better terms with my inevitable fate to gain weight here and in Brazil.

Hispanic people are so giving. Look at what we came home with in just one day... so many waterbottles!!! 

4. "Este versiculo es mi preferido"
"This verse is my favorite" Apparently, every verse I share is my favorite. I realize that I say that about all the scriptures I share with people. I just love the scriptures, ok? Is that such a problem?

5. "Yo se que..."
Means, I know. One thing I do know how to do is bear my testimony. Each time I testify I know the Spirit is directing me in what to say and how to say it. I couldn't possibly do it without the Lord's help! I'd like to leave you with my testimony that:

Yo amo al Senor. Creo en Su poder redentor. Yo se que El vive. Yo se que El sabe como me siento en mis aflicciones. Por esto yo siempre puedo tener la confianza en El. Yo se que nunca pagare las cosas que El ha hecho por mi. Mi fe en su Expiacion me ayuda para tener la fuerza para vencer mis muchas flaquezas. Mi Salvador ha cambiado mi corazon y lo siento todos los dias. Yo se que mi Redentor es mi roca y lo voy a continuar alabando con humilde gratitud.

I love you all! Thanks for all the support and the kind comments from last week!

Sister Hawkins

More Pix:

More bearded dragon on my shoulder.

This is what are car has come to...

Baby chihuahua (how in the world do you spell that??)

Note from the Mom: I'll admit, that testimony brought tears even though I had no idea what it said! She also told me that no, she did not use Google translate, haha! But her companion did help her write it out. Also, a little slow with 18 new people to teach??? Um.

And I can already hear Trevor's response to the last picture here: "'s like your twin!"

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