Monday, July 14, 2014

Just Go and Do

Friends! Family!
It's been a good week here in Atlanta. Thank you for all the letters!! I feel like it was Christmas every time I went to the mailbox so thank you thank you!!
I thought about what I could possibly share with you this week and felt inspired to share one of my "secrets" to missionary work- as inspired by my mission president!
Sometimes, in missionary work, you're going to do things that you don't want to do. Sometimes you won't want to wake up at 6 every morning. Sometimes you don't want to try to understand another language through the phone. The point is, unless you're perfect, you will run into at least something that you don't have a passion for here in the mission. And hey, we're not perfect!

For me, I had a hard time with talking to everyone or finding new people to teach. I can easily strike up a conversation with someone but the initial approach is in all honesty, kind of scary. Really there's no reason to be scared... we wear a name tag in which people expect something from us. I think I used to get too caught up in waiting for the Spirit to prompt me when in most cases you just need to exercise your faith and open your mouth.

So what do I do? How can I resolve this? Let me tell you a story.
I remember a time when I was about 9 or 10 living in Berwyn PA and my little brother, Keegan, decided he was going to leave the family and run away. He must have been angry at the family for something I can't recall. Middle Child Syndrome? Possibility. In any case, somehow (...and maybe I was a part of the problem), I was a witness at the moment he made up his mind to run. I began then to panic! Mom told him if he wanted to leave then fine...leave!! Of course being a mom, she knew better, but I looked at her as if she were crazy. Next thing I knew we were standing on the driveway. With a to-go bag-that my mom packed mind you- and bike, I hysterically cried as he rode down the driveway out of sight. I was traumatized!! My little brother! Gone forever! Turning to my mom out of despair I cried, "You're not even going to go after him!?"
I hated the thought of not doing anything to get him home. I would have done anything and everything at that moment. Luckily, and to the benefit of my mental well-being, it was a short escape. Keegan came riding back just after he rode around the cold-de-sac a few times.
What sticks with me the most from this experience is the way I felt when I "lost" Keegan. I was panicked but I was willing to run to every street, every door to find him. If any of you have remembered searching for someone, you probably asked everyone where they last saw your loved one and you probably moved with haste and searched thoroughly. And you probably never gave up.

Sometimes as a missinoary and even in normal day life, you're perspective makes all the difference. Maybe comparing finding new people to teach with finding a lost family member is a little dramatic. But it pushes me to work harder. I knew the kind of feelings I wanted to have when I go "finding" and used a time where I felt that way to motivate me. Not only can I work harder to talk with everyone, but I can really see everyone as if they're my own family. And that helps me to love more like the Savior just upon the first greeting.
So. The solution is to change your perspective. It's sometimes hard for me. My dad and older brother are really good at it. But you get better at it with time. The only way it'll work though is if you are willing to work. Most things you don't like in life won't require you to do nothing. You can't move forward if you're standing still.

Lastly, always trust the Lord. He knows much better our abilities and capacities. He knows where we need more help and when we invite Him to help, you better believe He's sure to be there. I know He is because I heave felt Him with me every step of the way thus far. Full-time missionary or not, you can too!
And if you call now you can receive a free pass-along card and Book of Mormon! Haha, sorry I had to. :)

Anywho. This is something that I've learned throughout my mission, but really tried to apply it well this week. And it's helped! It's helped me look at hard situations in a new light and learn to follow more closely the will of the Lord.
Now that you've been enlightened on some "secrets" go and do!
Love you all!

Sister Hawkins

*She didn't send pics this week, but here are a few I found from their zone conf. on the Atlanta Mission Page:

I LOVE this one! She's the only one laughing, and it looks like her comp is "shushing" her.  haha!

Pay attention everyone!

On her best behavior....

See? She still gets to spend time with Sis Pribs!

Note from the Mom: For the record, I must be the worst mom in the world because I totally don't remember Keegan's attempt to run away! He remembers though. He said he wasn't mad, he just wanted to know if he could actually do it, haha!  But he also knew that Sienna would come find him no matter what. Aren't siblings the best?! (it reminds me of another brother/sister runaway story in the city of Paris...) I love the connection she makes with the story and finding our "lost siblings" in the gospel.  Go and do. Just Go and do!!

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