Monday, June 30, 2014

Drumroll Please!!!!

Here we go! The moment he's been waiting for--Wesley's debut on the blog! I told him all he had to do was get baptized and he'd make it on here :)
So the one and only Wesley got baptized this Saturday in Douglasville and guess what!?? Pribyl and I got to reunite in Douglasville. It was awesome! They never let missionaries go back for baptisms once they leave but somehow that guy Wesley pulled that one off just for us. 

That guy Wesley on his baptism day!! :)

In honor of Wesley, let me tell you a little story:
One mid-May evening, two little sisters parked their car outside the entrance of the nearby super Walmart. The day had neared to an end and the two sisters felt a bit discouraged after many cancelled appointments and unsuccessful contacts. Before turning the car off, they offered a humble prayer having the faith that they would find three new people to teach that day. In hopefulness they marched on in and with faith like a little child, the younger sister went straightway to talking with someone. But unfortunately she found no interest. She found another. No interest. And with a little disappointment she found one more who to her dismay was yet again uninterested. As the little sister began to lose some faith, big sis was building up the courage and seeking for inspiration. They neared the photo center of the electronics section and little sis tried to regain her faith by printing pictures of Poala's baptism for the mission office. Big sis knew it was her turn now. While lil sis loaded up the pictures, big sis approached the worker behind the check-out desk and mustered up the only visible personal connection she could by asking about the World of Warcraft game sitting on the counter. To her surprise he seemed interested. He discovered her purpose as a missionary and unloaded some questions he's had all his life on the topic of religion and God. Lil sis came over and they were both eager to get together again soon.

So that's how we found Wesley. Next thing you know, we schedule the first meeting at the church and he shows up in slacks and a shirt and tie ready to learn and willing to listen. We soon learned how intelligent and incredibly observant he was as we met more often. When teaching about the Gospel, we always ask how people are feeling because it's the feeling of peace that tells you it's true. One time when we asked Wesley, he responded "Do you hear that? You can hear the peace." That left an impression on us as we realized there are other ways to comprehend the truthfulness of the Gospel. The Spirit will manifest its' truth to the needs of each listener.
Another cool thing that Wesley did was find answers to his prayers. Originally,  he couldn't come to church due to work. As we taught him more about prayer he decided to pray about his work conflicts. He courageously approached his boss and asked for at least part of Sundays off and just like that they made it work. Now Wesley has come almost every Sunday since we first met him 2 months ago.
I've made Wesley's conversion sound so fine and dandy but it was littered with some bumpy trials. The weekend of his scheduled baptismal date it seemed as if every plan was failing. The biggest worry being that Sister Pribyl and I weren't going to be there. He knew the Gospel was true, he had a testimony of everything we'd taught but he really wanted the sisters who taught him to be there. Not only were WE called to leave Douglasville but so were the Douglasville elders who meant a lot to him as well. He was devastated. To all of our surprise we got permission to attend and boom. Back in Dtown. I guess Douglasville just didn't want to get rid of us that quickly...or maybe it's that we just couldn't let go that soon. Probably the latter.

The coolest part of the baptism was the end when Wesley got up to bear his testimony- which he insisted to have on the program. Pretty awesome, right? Well as he talked he shared beautiful scriptures that have touched him these recent weeks and his faith really showed itself. My favorite thing he brought up was something he learned when all his missionaries were called out of the area. He said that God was humbling him and he realized that if everything he ever owned and loved was taken from him at that very moment, it wouldn't change his testimony of the truth. Then he paused and went on to say, "I know that the Book of Mormon is true." Right as he said that the Spirit just crowded the room. How many times have I heard that statement-probably more than I can count. But it never ceases to amaze me the power that comes from a simple but strong string of words! I remember sitting there and getting chills as he bore his simple and powerful testimony.
It's all true. The Book of Mormon, the Bible, the Restoration, Jesus Christ, the Spirit--everything! I know it's true. The Holy Ghost witnesses the truth of it to me almost every single day and for that I feel incredibly humbled and blessed. And because of it, I get to meet people like Wesley!

I hope all is well on the home front--or across the world if you're a missionary friend keeping up! No need to worry about me! I'm right where I'm supposed to be!
Love you all!

Sister Hawkins


Lots of picture taking was in order, of course! 

Sisters on the train!

We took the train this week to see some members who live far from us.
An adventure to say the least! It was fun though! 

Pictures from sister Montgomery of Douglasville ward...the bishop's wife. This was our last day there. :(

Note from the Mom:
I did ask her how the Spanish was going this week, and if she was exhausted trying to work in a language she doesn't know all day.  Here was her response:

It's all going good. I do actually speak in lessons--at least I try my best to! I started speaking the first day I got here... I just sound kind of like an idiot. But I use english words when I don't know them in spanish and most people understand. Or often I'll turn to my companion and ask what the word is mid-sentence.

Gotta love that girl and not caring if she sounds like an idiot! :)


  1. That's so exciting that Wesley was baptized and you were able to attend! You really have been working hard and humbling yourself before the Lord. I feel the Spirit of God every time I read your posts. Thank you for sharing your growth and learning with us. You're a great example of trusting the Lord and acting on your faith.

  2. I never had the opportunity to know Sienna well before her mission. I definitely knew OF her, but did not know her, ya know? Well, since she left on her mission and I am able to read her weekly updates, I LOVE what I do know. She is awesome. "I'm right where I'm supposed to be." Love. Hope I can always say that, too.

  3. You had me in tears with your story and I had to share it with my family. Estoy must feliz por el evangelio de Jesucristo y la feliz que podamos sentir. I love that you are learning Spanish.

  4. I was so sad to miss Wesley's baptism! Dan said it was wonderful. I'll admit I was mostly sad because I missed a chance to see my girls, who I miss so much. However, I know Sister Hawkins is where The Lord needs her. She has an infectious spirit which has, and will, bring happiness to many people!

  5. So happy for Wesley and that she got to attend his baptism! Sienna is such an inspiration of being happy in any circumstance - she meets every new challenge with optimism and a smile. Keep up the hard work and keep finding joy in each day :)

  6. I felt the Spirit also as I read Sienna's account of Wesley's testimony. Thank you for allowing us a peek into the life of your sweet sister missionary. And thanks to her for writing so eloquently. Each email I read makes me feel like I'm right there. And I love it!