Monday, October 6, 2014

Long Meetings, Short Meetings, Meetings in Between Meetings

Look there's Pribby!

If I could tell you one of the things that made this week different, it would be that I discovered a new article of faith. 

Now there are 14 articles of faith, the newest which says:

"We believe in meetings, namely, long meetings, short meetings, meetings in between meetings and anything that appears as a meeting. We believe in the literal gathering of one or more persons to discuss and fulfill many great and important things pertaining to the Kingdom of God."

I'm kidding. But goodness! Sister Vasquez and I feel like we hardly went out and taught this week! It's ok because every meeting we went to was incredibly inspiring.  Wednesday we had a Mission Council with all the zone leaders and Sister Training Leaders (Sister Pribyl was there!:) Guess what we did??? Watched Meet The Mormons

It was fantastic!!! Little fun fact, one of the families in it is in my stake here in Atlanta. At the time of the film he was a bishop, now he's the stake president. He's a great guy! Really funny too. Anyways, you should all see it! Request for it to come to a theater near you by going to It's definitely worth your time!

If you're wondering how we saw it before it was out the First Presidency actually shipped it overnight to Mission Presidents (I'm not sure all the missions but maybe the US at least?). We aren't able to see it in the theater so I guess the big screen in the chapel works just as well. Anyways, we're to promote it here in Atlanta! Pretty cool!

I've actually seen it twice because we had a zone conference, which was another awesome meeting because we went to the temple in the morning! That's always something I look forward to. I'll miss that when I'm in Brazil.

Speaking of which, I'll be leaving for Brazil the 21st of this month. My mission President announced it in Zone Conference this week so now I guess it's official. Two more weeks with a car and Spanish and Amurrica and my lovely comp. I'm really going to miss it here!

Back to meetings now..... CONFERENCE!!!! Evidence to the 14th article of faith. How amazing was that?! You know as we were watching conference I realized that to missionaries conference is like a holiday. The reason being because on real holidays, Christmas, Easter, New Years, Thanksgiving, etc, we go out and work! But conference we get to stay in and watch and all we need to do is be edified by the apostles and prophet. It really is the best holiday! All I have is one more conference holiday on my mission. Can you believe it??

Let's see, what are my favorites from conference? My district leader asked us on Saturday what our favorite was so far. I told him the "Holland Holla." He doesn't quite holler at you (... well maybe sometimes) but normally by the end of his talks I feel the major need of repentance. It's like a holler to your soul. 

In any case, he's just awesome! I also loved Elder Bednar. For those who are not members of the church and are reading this, take 5 minutes to watch this!  Elder Bednar is one of my favorite speakers.

Others-- (click on the names if you'd like to listen to their talks!) Jorg Klebingat and his boldness. I wish I could be that bold sometimes! Eduardo Gavarret's talk was awesome too because of the cute story of his wife and because I could understand it all in Spanish. That's a plus! I did also listen to Elder Godoy in Portuguese and let me just tell you how much of a struggle it was. I felt like he was speaking to me in Spanish underwater. Goodness I think God trusted me with learning these languages because He knew it would be entertaining.

Anyways!  It was an awesome conference as usual. I felt like there really was a huge emphasis on the prophet and how blessed we are to have one! It really is so important to sustain and support President Thomas S. Monson. I really have received my own witness and testimony that he is called of God and is of the same importance as the prophets of old. What an opportunity it is to hear his voice! Maybe he won't have to part seas or engrave his revelations on gold plates, but He does guide millions of people on this Earth. And I know He does it through constant council and divine authority given to him through our Lord and Savior.

We thank thee, O God, for a prophet!!!

Thanks for your emails this week! Until next week!

Hermana Hawkins 

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