Monday, October 27, 2014

Buh-Bye Amurrica!

that's a lot of languages

Well hello there! Looks like it's just about my time to go. Can you believe it? Last week in the US. And let me just tell you how much of a blast it has been!

We'll start with transfers. We got to hear all the testimonies of departing missionaries like Sister Vasquez and Sister Pribyl. It was so sad to see them go but they've done their time and they've served well. Shout-out to you guys! YOU'RE THE GREATEST! I look up to them so much and will miss seeing their faces. Anyways, back to the meeting. After those testimonies we heard introductions of all the new missionaries. They were so nervous. Man. I remember being in their shoes. President asked them to share one thing they knew to be true and one elder said, "1 thing I know is that I'm scared out of my mind." Most honest elder I know! I didn't realize how long it had been since I was that new. I guess in a way I'll be back at that spot in just 2 days....

As President called the new transfer companions, he called my name and had me go sit up on the stand to bear my testimony at the end of the meeting. I thought I would get away with it but no, they caught me. Overall it was an awesome meeting. It was so great seeing people I love for the last time before heading off.

Then I was put with my new companions and let me just say how much we've hit it off. I almost don't want to leave because I love them so much. Both are from Utah- Sister Echols and brand new Sister Giles. And guess what?? She's a visa waiter too! She's going to Taiwan! Luckily her visa should only take a few more weeks. But we've got this awesome Portchanese thing going on here. With Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese and English, we don't really know what we're speaking. I can't tell you how incredibly grateful I am to be learning Latin-based languages...Granted that's plural but I'd take 4 Latin languages over Chinese. I have learned to say a few things in Chinese though. As the week has gone on, I've even thrown some French into the mix. Goodness... maybe now I really am learning 4 languages!!

The other day we had a really awesome experience as we were getting our car inspected. Out of sheer luck, there just so happened to be a huge farmers market behind the PepBoys. I used to go sometimes with Sister Vasquez to go finding because it was one of the craziest international Food stores. There are so many kinds of fruits and vegetables that I've never seen before. I was amazed at how many types of bananas exist in the world. Holy cow I could spend hours discovering the foods in that store. Anyways, we went to the France and British aisles and I got some Cadbury and Kinder chocolate :) Just for childhood's sake!  And then the miracle happened....

We got to the Chinese aisles and Sister Giles wanted to practice her Chinese. She tried to talk to 2 people, but that failed as they spoke only Korean and Cantonese. Discouraged we stood at the top of an aisle and I pointed out two Asian girls. I told Sister Giles to go talk to them and she turned to me saying, "my nervous level is about 100% right now." But as we stood there I grew impatient and walked right up to these girls. As soon as I opened my mouth, Sister Giles came out behind me and started speaking Chinese. They were completely amazed!!! She conversed with them in straight Chinese for about 25 minutes!!! IT WAS SO COOL. 2 months and she's able to converse like that. In the middle of it all, while she was explaining the Book of Mormon, a lady walked by and stopped to ask, "Are you Mormons? I'm a Mormon!" I started speaking in Spanish with her and realized I knew her kids but that she hasn't been to church in years. At the end of our trip to Farmer's Market, we were all just on cloud 9 with the miracles. Sister Giles was so happy to have used her Chinese and to have understood everything. She even rolled down the window to tell the whole world.

Well. Now to a new adventure. I don't feel like it's real. I feel like I'm staying in GA except that I'm taking a plane on Tuesday. It still hasn't hit me that I'm really going. People keep asking, "are you nervous?? Are you excited???" I think I just say yes because that's probably how I should be feeling. In all honesty, I don't really feel anything, yet. Maybe it'll finally hit me when I'm there. I guess we'll find out, won't we?

Love you all!!!

Buh-Bye Amurrica!

Hermana Hawkins
(last 'hermana' signing!)

3 amigas

maybe we need a few more language study materials... that's not even all of it

three amigas. studying outside a waffle house. hip. 

me and my husband. We're "parents" since we're training sister Giles. She's our baby. 

sis Giles telling the whole world she spoke in Chinese for the first time.

true southern bumper sticker. Gon miss dis.

Fro yo

Sister Echols


family pic

this is us impersonating each other. hahaha

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  1. What a shame she is not having ANY fun at all her last week in America! ;-)