Monday, October 20, 2014

Hello and Goodbye!

Our Georgia time is coming to a "Dead End" and we're sad to go! 

Alooooooha.  haha just needed to switch it up for a second. 

Well well, what a crazy week! It's been super busy and because of that I don't have much time on the computer. We're trying to get Sister Vasquez squared away before she heads off to the Dominican Republic. Home! I can't believe she's leaving me... but then again I guess I'm leaving too. 

Here's us trying to take a selfie with the dead end sign.. we failed. But hey we gave it a good effort.

So we just got a call and for the next week I'll be in a trio of Sisters. One is a sister I've done many exchanges with whom I love (Sister Echols from Utah) and the other is a brand new sister straight from the MTC. That means I'll be helping Sister Echols train for 1 week. How fun is that? Anyways, just trying to finish things out here now in Chamblee. It's super sad because they're closing this area :(

Before I forget I wanted to give a quick shout-out to Sister Meise and Renata for their sweet packages. And for mom who sent me a dress (thank you :)) I LOVED them and I am sooo grateful for how thoughtful you are to send me such wonderful packages! You're all the best!

I don't have much else for ya other than some pictures of the Branch and friends from saying goodbyes this week. I'll be sure to try and write more next week. Goodness maybe I'll just wait till I'm in Brazil... it'll be a lot more fascinating than whatever I could say now.


Hermana Hawkins

The girl in the front is the one who likes frozen (from last weeks story).

Here's us with some of the kids we teach in primary. They're all hysterical.  LOVE THESE KIDS.

Note from the Mom: If anyone is planning on sending anything this week (last chance before Brazil!!!) please email me, or message me on facebook, she has a new address for this week only!

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