Monday, August 4, 2014


Susan Taylor!

Wow what a week! If I could sum up this week in one word it would be: change.
It started off on Wednesday with transfers. Two of the missionaries in my district finished their mission and went home! Our district leader was also called as a Zone Leader in my last area so to replace all of them we got 3 new missionaries AND another set of Spanish elders. So now, there are 6 missionaries (including myself) serving in our Branch. That's what it's supposed to be actually since it's such a huge area. Once there were 4 sets of missionaries but it's back to 3. AND GUESS WHAT???? Elder Williams who was in my MTC district is serving in my branch!!! Everything about the MTC makes me happy so it's awesome to see him again! Maybe eventually we'll go to Brazil together. We did, in fact, sit next to each other on the way to Atlanta so we're really just trying to keep tradition.

Me and elder williams and his new comp. Can't believe we're serving together!!!

So out of the 6 missionaries in my branch, 1 is a brand new missionary from the Mexico MTC (I told him he was lucky and not to worry because he probably knew more Spanish than I did). And 3 others are visa waiters for Brazil. Oh Brazil. 

I think there's a written rule somewhere that change always brings surprises. At least it seems like that to me. Here are a few surprises that happened this week

Surprise #1
I lost my planner. So sad. A missionary's planner is about as important as getting dressed in the morning. I've been so lost for a while but luckily a new transfer has started and I'll start a whole new planner, phew!
Surprise #2
Our zone leaders called us the other day asking us to train the youth at a "mini MTC" youth conference for the stake. Just a few other missionaries went but they called us the night before and asked us to prepare lesson plans for 120 minutes. We spent all night and morning preparing and when we got there they told us just to listen in and make comments when we feel inspired. haha. It happens to missionaries all the time for some reason. We just have to constantly be prepared for anything.

Hug from my mom via Susan! Thanks mom!

Surprise #3
Susan and Fred Taylor came to say hi!! It was the best surprise ever and so fun to catch up with my homies... you know since they're from home haha :) We went for a little breakfast as we were traveling on the way to this mini mtc. I didn't want to leave them! Don't worry mom, she gave me many hugs and a kiss from you! I also got a huge hand delivered package from the family so thank you thank you thank you!

Mama Hawk cookies!!! We are savoring them...

Surprise #4
Our car got hit. Don't worry, Sister Vasquez and I weren't even there. We were in a lesson with a member from church and our car was nicely parked outside the parking lot. We finished and drove to our next appointment where I noticed the mirror was turned in. I told Sister Vasquez that it was really odd but we really thought nothing of it. Then later as we were walking out to another appointment we noticed dents and scratched on the side of the car. Ridiculous! A total hit and run. It was the worst surprise. All I can do is report it to the church and they'll take care of it. Still, we wish there was something we could've done.

Really people?

Surprise #5
Luckily the same day our car was hit we had 4 of our friends we've been teaching come to church. It's always the best to see them come and enjoy the Spirit in the house of the Lord! That made our day all the better.

All of these surprises made for change. Whether big or small they still affected me or something in my life. According to Merriam-Webster change means to make or become different and maybe that should also be under the definition for "mission". Specifically "LDS mission"... which needs to be added too. Someone please submit that.
Missions are all about change. Anything that looks like change, acts like change, feels like change. Big changes, small changes. Whatever change-we got it! But with every change I've had on my mission I've been the thing that has become different. Anything from my heart, to talents, skills, abilities, qualities, actions or influence-- these changes have all affected one or two at a time for the better. Though I'll never be perfect, I'll always be grateful for the opportunity I have to define myself through the eyes of the Lord.

I best be off now! Stay safe, have a good week and remember not to hit and run into your neighbors cars...they'll appreciate it greatly I can assure you! hah love you!
Hermana Hawkins (or as Elder Hawkins calls me, "Hermione Hawkins")

That's me making chile relleno. so cool. 

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