Monday, August 11, 2014

Blessed are the Meek

Georgia peach tree! Thought I should get a classic Georgia pic.

HI family and friends!

Well this week was a pretty bumpy week. Lots of little trials that Sister Vasquez and I had to push through with our investigators. The Lord is just testing their faith and the Adversary is working hard...really it's the same old same old!
Language update (for the curious): I can almost understand everything. Certain people are harder to understand- like Dominicans because they talk really really fast and shorten all their words. What I'm lacking is my vocabulary and grammar. That will come with more time and study. Really, the past tense is the bane of my existence. It's so easy on paper but in the moment I stumble a lot. Practice practice practice.
My letter will be a little short today... sorry :/. I have a few things to do on the computer that need to all happen within the hour I have while here at the library. But before I go I'll share a little spiritual message that I've been pondering over recently. It's on the topic of "meekness". I think I have a lot more to learn about it but as I think of the tests that we found this week combined with any tests I've had on my mission, this word always plays on my mind.

For those that may not know, meekness is the ability to "endure injury with patience and without resentment." Well goodness! That's gonna take a lifetime! I think the Lord will forever test me on that one.
I've come to understand more about meekness as I've come across others who've endured their trials much better than I could. Like for example someone going to jail for 10 years in a foreign country because they only looked exactly like a most-wanted murderer. Or coming to the US by yourself at the age of 15 to work and send money to your family back home. Or maybe even having your whole family reject you when you follow your heart and the things you know and love to be true.

I guess the Lord has different ways of giving His gift of meekness. Those people who I look up to are the ones who have courageously endured their trials with patience....with meekness.
I love this quote from Neal A Maxwell which says,

"Human suffering does not automatically produce sweetness or character unless meekness is present. Meekness is the mulch that must go in the soil of adversity in order for empathy to grow and in order for character to grow. Jesus could not have become the most empathetic person had we not been the most meek person."

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I love the example of the Savior. The list I made earlier should really include the Savior and His suffering which is the most extreme above them all. How important it is to be meek like the Savior in order to grow and help others along the way. My favorite lines in the Battle Hymn of the Republic is in the last verse, "as He died to make men holy let us live to make men free". Let us live with patience our afflictions to free others from burden and bondage just as the Savior did in His meekness. 

Live meekly and let free! Also, march on in truth.

Ok, sorry for the lame-o post. I promise I'll do better next time haha. Thanks for keeping up with me on my mission! I hope all is well!

Hermana Hawkins

Me and elder williams from my MTC district outside the library!
Such a happy reunion! 

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