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Sis H and Sis Pribby - Courtesy of the Evans Family!

Hi Everyone!!
I felt like this week was a dream... probably because I've been so dang tired! But honestly it's been one of the busiest weeks here.
Sometimes missionary work is really serious. I mean we talk to people about their personal lives just about 24/7. And I'm not kidding- Sis P sleep teaches the missionary lessons! Hmmm maybe that's also why I've been so tired... Anywho. Reality is that it's not missionary work without funny moments. We all know God has a sense of humor!

Funny Moment #1: Salvation Invasion

Pribby and I were teaching an investigator who has quite the enthusiasm for getting ahead. We hadn't even talked of the Plan of Salvation when she brought up the 3 degrees of Glory. She hadn't actually done the reading we wanted her to do but instead she took it upon herself to research online... which is one of the biggest fears we have as missionaries unless they use, because other sources, well, they just aren't correct. Anyway, as she elaborated on the things she liked of the kingdoms of glory, she exclaimed, "Well, if I don't convert, at least I'll go to the second kingdom... and that's pretty good!!"
Uhhh.... #itsjustsalvation  #itswhatever

Funny Moment #2: Hugs & Kisses

This actually happened on Valentine's Day which makes it all the funnier. Pribs and I were handing out Hershey's hugs and kisses and decided to knock on a door near a member's home. A shirtless nine-year-old boy answered the door. We soon realized his parents were out and the babysitter told us to come back. As we left we said, "Hey, would you like some hugs and kisses?" Before Pribs could pull them out of her pocket, the boy answered timidly, "I can't... I don't have a shirt on."  hahah #awkawk

Funny Moment #3: Ending the Day with a Bang

At the end of the day, missionaries are very tired. Sometimes, when we brush our teeth at night, the desire to sleep overrides our brains. So simple tasks become difficult-- like needing to spit and overestimating the distance between the facet and your forehead. And suddenly your forehead makes a new friend... or enemy. #smack #isthismybed #goodenough

Funny Moment #4: Study Buddy

One fine morning, P-Ribby and I got caught up studying deep doctrine for 2 hours... which in turn shortened my language study to 5 minutes. P-Ribby, being the helpful companion she is, picked up the dictionary and began quizzing my Portuguese vocabulary. We soon came to find that it was extremely ineffective as I didn't know words like guacamole, logarithm or cous-cous. She stumbled across a few more words and it turned into a game of What-the-heck-is-in-this-dictionary. Then, she over-dramatically proclaimed the next word and said, "Big diaper." As I pondered in confusion and even attempted to translate, P-Ribby exclaimed in defeat, "Oh, big....dipper."  #sonotyouraveragesolarsystem

Funny Moment #5: Bobby's First Altoid

Last Sunday, our investigator brought her 4 year-old grandson, Bobby, to church. During the sacrament, Pribster gave Bobby an altoid, unexpecting of the happenings to come. Bobby proceeded to partake and to his astonishment it was not as delightful as perhaps Pribby intended. The evidence of this spread across his face as his eyes welled up with tears and his face scrunched up in every direction. With a face as red as a tomato, he turned to her and pointed, "Why would you give me that!?!" He then realized how hard it was for us to keep our composure and politely asked "Can I have another?"  #parentingtips  #whateverworks

Funny Moment #6: Catz for Dayz

You should understand that Pribbly and  I have an ongoing joke about cats. I don't know why... I guess they're just funny. To be honest they really are funny animals. Anyways, on this particular day we had about 20 minutes before zone training and felt led to a house of a less active member. They ended up not being home, but trusting that we were there for a reason, we decided to pray for guidance to know where we needed to be. We were feeling like we should go to a neighborhood nearby and one house stood out to us more than the others. We were only just having a conversation about cats when we walked up to this door to find about 7 or 8 stray cats scurry from our path in the front lawn. It was insane how many there were! When a man opened the door the first thing we said was, "Wow... you have a lot of cats!!" We casually conversed and talked of the blessings of the gospel and he responded, "Sure, I'll give it a shot" Tyler's now on date to be baptized in 2 weeks and he's the most committed, responsive, prepared person we've ever had the privilege of meeting and teaching! That's not so funny, that's fantastic in fact! I guess the funny part about that story is that Pribbly and I were asked to share this guided by cats moment on a mission-wide conference call consisting of 250 missionaries and the mission president...We'll  forever be deemed as the companionship doomed to become old cat ladies. #whyus #imstillallergictocats  #eharmonyvideoblog #ijustlovecats

From faucet face plants to a lawn full of cats, God still works in mysterious ways. No matter how ridiculous our situations might be, I've learned that God definitely has a sense of humor because His work still moves forward! God knows us so personally that He knows what we'll need and what we'll recognize-- He even sometimes spares no pains in over-doing it! It's up to us to take these moments for what they are and press forward with an attitude of gratitude. There's so much to be grateful for! 


Sister Hawkins

Like I'm grateful for these lemon pepper chicken wings...hahaha
(don't worry Trev, I saved one for you and I'm sending it in your next letter)

Note from the Mom: She just makes me smile! I'm sure her brother Trevor will be happy to find that she's still the hipster hashtagger. Also, for information regarding the Plan of Salvation, or the Plan of Happiness as it is also called, here's a video and a link for you to find out more.

Click here...Plan of Happiness

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