Monday, March 31, 2014

Be Safe and Don't Fear Change

I forgot to send pictures of us at the temple when we went a few weeks ago.
Here's me and the Pribs.

Well hello there! Another week in hot'Lanta! It's starting to really warm up here-- supposed to be in the 80s all week! yay!! Not quite as hot as Brazil or Africa though... 

This weeks happenings were few. There's nothing specific that took place which I'd like to share so I thought of a way to describe everyday life as a sister missionary here in Georgia. Now we talk to people all day long whether it be on the phone or in person, SO I've gathered 3 phrases that we hear on almost a daily basis for you to enjoy:

1. Now you girls be careful out there, you hear?

I suppose that this is something almost every sister in the world gets told. Honestly, I didn't ever worry so much about my safety- reason being because I can usually discern a bad from a good situation. I like to think ahead which helps me to avoid questionable situations. But lately I find myself second guessing my decisions ever since my interview with President Harding a few weeks ago (Georgia Atlanta Mission President). If there was a title for the interview we had it would be "Are You Safe???".... only because he may have asked me that exact question 6 or 7 times in just an 8 minute interview. 

Now knowing that President Harding is an inspired man and receives revelation for me specifically, this turned me nuts! Now I  swear I triple check the locked door every morning or I'll click the lock on the car keys 5 times just to be sure everything's secure. The other night we got home and I ran out to the car to get something I had forgotten. It was dark and there was that creepy lamp post and then it seemed way too quiet. Next thing you know I'm bookin' it for the front door and locking the car the whole way there. If you know me, you know I'm not afraid of the dark! I love sleeping in the pitch black but man! With all these constant reminders and the imminent danger I apparently always seem to be in, it's hard not to think of my safety. 

So don't worry Mom and Dad... I am safe. Except from maybe Sister Pribyl... Which by the way, contributed to another baking disaster. Well I shouldn't say disaster because we did succeed after many failed attempts and trips to Walmart. 

2. What a mericle!!

No no no.... it's mIrAcle..... not mericle. It's a miracle if they ever say it right honestly... Usually pronunciations don't bother me so much because I've become accustomed to Philly's "wuter" for water and Sister Pribyl's "ekspecially" for especially. I'm not sure why but it probably has to do with the fact that I hear this everyday. At night we call to report to our district and they always ask us to share "mericles". Don't get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE miracles, I just dislike mericles. Can't wait to get to Brazil and have this whole thing be reversed...

3. I've been churched.

What? What is that?! Since when was "church" a verb? How does someone get churched? I church, you church, we all church? So far I've gathered about three different meanings for this phrase. It either means they've been adopted into a "church family", they've grown up in a church or they know everything already and don't want to learn more. Sometimes it's a combination but in all cases it really means "go away I'm not interested." I guess using church as a verb is a nicer way of saying it so I'm appreciative. I always chuckle to myself when someone says it.

There's definitely more to this phrase though. By saying this, one is implying that their faith is based on tradition. Tradition of following a culture, or taking after what they've always known. And what I've come to find is that tradition is always stronger than truth. Why?  Because tradition is so comfortable. The fact of the matter is that we can't learn truth without change. Change is uncomfortable- it helps us to overcome our weaknesses, to push us and to lead us to make the most of our lives. How can we strive to be more perfect, more Christlike, if we aren't willing to change what makes us so imperfect?

As my good friend Neil A Maxwell says, "Change and improvement are blocked by an inordinate fear of the unknown and the risks of change. This kind of fear can immobilize us; it can block us from accepting challenges that might permit us to grow...... If our soul is to be stretched, how can that happen without growing pains?"

Don't fear the change!

Love you all!! 
Have a happy, sunny week! 

Sister Hawkins

Note from the Mom: She forgot the cord she needs in order to upload pics from her camera, said she'd try to send some later in the day. If not, we get double pics next week!  

Still no change in her visa status. :(


My awesome district!! Love these missionaries!! :) 

My district being crazy. Because we're all crazy.
Powder Springs zone. These people are so awesome. We had a day of playing capture the flag,
ultimate frisbee and hanging around a guitar. Best day ever. 

A bunch of sisters in my zone... we got together for a p-day at the park!!

Cake pops! Hmm, they looked different when Mom made them....

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    Churched is like when we southerners say schooled.... means been taught...