Monday, February 24, 2014

The Miracles of Exactitude

I'd have to say, this week may have been the best week on the mission so far. Why? Well looking back it all started so small.
About a week ago, Sister P and I kneeled down for our companion study, pondering on our companionship. Setting our studies aside for a moment, we were inspired to make some changes. It was then that we discussed the things that poke at our Spirits... all the things that hinder our work or stop us from being the greatest sisters there have ever been! With that we made a list of things we would be better at, which in reality, was a pathway to exact obedience.
Later that day, we set out to begin the Lord's work. Being quite ambitious we decided that we'd find 6 new people to start teaching that day. This was a crazy goal for us as we've never before found more than 2 people willing to listen to us in a single day. But. We had faith and we set out diligently. And then the miracles happened!! We found 1 person.. and then another... and then 2 more!! In total we found 4 new people that day! Sure we didn't reach our initial goal, but that was more than we'd ever found in a day for the whole 2 months that I've been here!
And just like that our week was filled with the most amazing blessings!! We've been busy from start to close. Just yesterday, there were 5 of our investigators at church which has never happened in the whole 6 months that Sister Pribyl has been in Douglasville!!
Now my whole mission so far I've been hearing this "exact obedience" ordeal A LOT. They practically pound it into your head in the MTC. What it means is trying to do everything you've been asked to do... so waking up every day at 6:30, no later...or focusing for 4 hours to study and being on time to all of your appointments... whatever we've been asked to do. We are expected to do it exactly!
What I've learned though is that this word "exact" doesn't mean perfect. It's impossible to be perfect in this life-- that's why we need Christ! But instead, the word "exact" implies that you try your hardest. And when you've tried your best, you try even more and you don't give up! Then those times come when you trip, but instead of landing on your face, throw your arms in front of you, do a push up and jump back to your feet! Ok... so maybe we'll work up to the push-up. But it IS doable... as Audrey Hepburn says, "Nothing's impossible.. the very word says, 'I'm Possible!'" And besides, the Lord is always there to give you strength.
The best part about this whole experience was not that I learned to be more obedient, but that my faith increased. As I set goals to be obedient I had faith in the big miracles that would happen. I had faith that we'd find new investigators and I had faith that there are people in Douglasville that are prepared to hear two silly little Sisters pour their hearts out. If anything, I will remember this moment because of the faith I gained and the new perspective that I learned. How amazing it is to be given the opportunity to increase not only MY faith, but others too!
I love this work. I love this life. I love God. I love Georgie-- (haha that was a typing error. I'm leaving it.) And, I love you!
Sister Hawkins

Now I "mustache!" Love you!
P.S. It's blue cotton candy, in case you were wondering....

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