Monday, February 17, 2014

No Coincidences

Picture email!! Get ready:
So as you may have heard, we had a crazy ice storm this past week. In order to prepare, we went grocery shopping... mainly because it was our Pday and we had to get food anyway. But as we pulled into the parking lot, we soon discovered the kind of situation we were getting into... little did we know that we were just an ant in a herd of buffalo.

Just about every bread loaf, milk jug and egg carton had been wiped clean off the shelves.
The town decided to prepare for this storm because it's what they call an "ice storm." So apparently power lines get frozen and fall and everything's a mess... but no worries, Georgia prepped this time. All the power trucks lined up at the nearest hotel ready for attack. 

This is what the snow looked like in the early morn just outside my apartment...

...and then in about two hours this is what it looked like... 

But within 24 hours.... Georgia looked like this..

Needless to say, it was an exciting 24 hours. Sister Pribyl and I went out in the mornings helping people scrape ice off their cars with spatulas.. which is surprisingly pretty effective and doesn't scratch the car! But I did break a spatula. No worries though, we have like 7 donated spatulas and I'm unsure of why we have so many!

VALENTINES DAY!!! Happy Valentine's Day everyone!!! It was wonderful down here in GA. We woke up and made little valentines and cookies and wrote letters to wonderful families in our ward. What we ended up with was a messy apartment...

...but also really cute valentines!!

...and then some really cheesy cheap kitten cards for member families hahaa. They were so ugly. see? 

Before we left, Sister Pribyl and I tried getting a nice picture together for Valentine's Day... 

....and then ended up taking a million silly pictures... 

By the end of the day we were exhausted from running around trying to see everyone and their dog that we knew. I'd say it was a successful Valentine's day. 

Hmm what else? Oh just yesterday we had dinner at a member's home where it's tradition to eat Crab legs and steak for valentine's day. I've never had crab legs before so it was quite the interesting experience but sooo tasty! (sorry trev.... I can't help this high-living lifestyle God has given me!)

Seriously though it was an awesome dinner with some amazing members. 

The end of the week was awesome as Sister Pribyl and I learned that there are no coincidences in the Lord's eyes. We were directly placed at the right spot in the right time in multiple cases all throughout the weekend. How incredible it was to experience finding those that needed us and giving as the Lord would! 

I love you all :)
Sister Hawkins

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