Friday, December 13, 2013

Today I'm the Big 2-0

My B-day Balloons!

I thought (since I'm low on time) that for my 20th birthday I would share 20 reasons why being on a mission rocks. So here it goes:

1.Everything is funnier in the MTC.... I have speculations as to why (lack of sleep!) but in all honesty, I really don't know.

2. You learn to appreciate food outside the MTC. Even McDonalds. And do I dare say, I would even take a helping of Hamburger Helper?? 

3. The sisters and I all shout Disney songs when we shower. Sister Koford always loves to add in her own little flare too since she never remembers the words. Reminds me of a certain someone I know actually.... DAD.
4. My companion is pretty dang cool.

5. Elders rip their pants like it's their job. I've sewn 3 pairs of pants already. Oh elders.

6. In my district, we have a physical boot camp within a spiritual boot camp.... #pinterestworkouts4lyfe

7. Sisters are always a step ahead of the elders in Portuguese... but don't tell them that, they're a little sensitive. 

The difference between a sister and an elder, haha... also... notice the size of the desks vs amounts of books

8. A simple dear elder or letter makes the day that much better!

9. You make a second family (shout out to the most awesome district in the world!)

10. Everyday is a surprise... and a complete growing experience. 

11. Instead of solely praying for others, you get to actually give services all day everyday.

12. You gain an appreciation of life without relying on worldly things. It doesn't matter whether you have the latest iphone or if you've seen the latest Hunger Games learn that life has more important things.

13. Everything you do on a mission is for the benefit of someone else.

14. In the MTC, so many people are in one place striving to bring about one purpose: bringing others to Christ

This is sister Garcia in the middle. She roomed with me and sis Menasco and left this morning for cape verde. We miss her so much! We laughed so much with her and had the best time. So sad to see her go.

15. A mission sets aside time that really makes you recognize just how much the Gospel blesses your life and so many others too

16. Improving someone else's spirituality only heightens yours that much more.

17. You have the best support in the world!

18. The love of God is the driving force behind the work that you are doing. 

19. You become closer to Christ more than you ever imagined you would.

20.  ....and because of that, being the HAPPIEST you have ever been is inevitable. 

Thank you for all the love I've received this week. Special thanks to Mama C and Christine for my packages that I got yesterday!!! Also thanks to Mom/Dad/Fam for the balloons. Yes, I was embarrassed but it was fun walking across campus with massive smiley-face balloons. I felt the love this week when I opened my email and found so many birthday wishes. You are all fantastic!! Have a wonderful week!!!


Sister Hawkins

My B-day P-day!

Mama C socks that I LOVE SO MUCH!!!

Sister Koford, me and Sister Keeler on pday wearing our santa hats to bring in the christmas spirit. We got a lot of compliments while wearing them around campus!
My friend Elder Wright from my BYU freshman ward!!! I finally found someone I knew! He left though, he was only here for 12 days. He was solomon's roommate.

Hipsta mountain pic for Tebs (Elder Hawkins!) while walking to the temple. #instagram

Note from the Mom: Thank you, thank you, thank you ALL for helping to make Sister Sie's birthday one of her most memorable EVER!  She said she had 27 emails awaiting her this morning.  How fun is that?  Plus the packages just keep on arriving.  I know even a few more were delivered after she emailed.  I'm sure we'll hear all about it next week.  I told her she'll be celebrating her Birthday all week long. Then it will be Christmas, lucky girl!  


  1. Happy Birthday, Sienna! Your b-day and Christmas gifts are on the way!
    I love your 20 comments, illustrated with pictures. Very professional.
    Uncle Jack

  2. LOVE the pictures. She is one beautiful girl! Loved the list of 20, too, very clever. :-)

  3. PS I keep trying to comment on Elder Hawkins blog but it says I have to be a "blog team member" - never seen that message before. Anyhoo, I hope he received our birthday package with tape. Lots of tape. That was Zoey's idea.