Friday, December 6, 2013

A Day in the Life of a Sister Mish

S is for...Sister SieHawk.....and Snow!

beep. beep. beep. BEEP. BEEP. BEEEEEEEEEP!

The room is dark. There is nothing but the sound of shuffling sheets and blankets. Automatically I kneel by my bedside and pray. At the same moment "amen" leaves my thoughts, my clothes and toiletries are in hand as I stumble out the door to the bathroom. Immediately, fear and alarm fills my body as I scramble to think of an escape from the blinding UFO lights. Oh wait. It's only the empty hallway. Maybe I'm still half dreaming.

Dressed with badges and all, the sisters walk outside toward breakfast together. As I step into the icy tundra, the breath is taken straight out from my lungs and I can hardly adjust to the drastic temperature change... not to mention the foot of snow on the ground. Pretty sure my nose just froze solid on my face.

Breakfast goes by and it's off to class we go. Of the 15 waking hours of my day, about 13 is spent within these same four walls. The fight begins between stories of the Book of Mormon and my heavy eyelids. Despite the drowsiness though, personal study hour is without doubt my favorite time of the day. I learn so much! 

It feels as though I've only just opened the Book of Mormon when Irmao Henry walks in to begin class. The 11 members of our district pull out our books and struggle to fit them on our 12 x 12 inch desks. Amidst this 3 hour class we study, teach investigators, learn new teaching skills, study some more and hang on to as much vocabulary, grammar and energy as we possibly can. And did I mention?  We study. 

Lunch break! And a much needed one at that! Even though the food is not that great, haha. But before I know it, it's time to work again. This time my district ventures to a new room in the same building, mind you the same floor, but new nonetheless! I might add that studying Portuguese on the computer really does help to spruce things up a bit. We step into the computer room and in that very moment, a wave of drowsiness overcomes me again. I can see the same happening to all the others in my district. Later, maybe I'll conduct a scientific experiment and report back with statistic graphs and results.. ha. 

Ah! And now we're back (from outer space!! hehe) to the 4-1-4 (my classroom). This time Irmao Williams instructs our 3 hour class similar to the one before. Which means, you guessed it, studying again!

And sometimes, we're just plain goofy! (photo courtesy of Sis Menasco)

The day ends with dinner, companionship study, intense gym time (thanks to Pinterest workouts) and dear elder letters mostly from Mom and Dad and a few loving friends. Then 10:30 rolls around and I'm kneeling right where my day began at my bedside praying. Praying for all my loved ones; for family and friends and my ward back home. For all those who may struggle to recognize just how blessed we are even in the hardest of trials. And then I thank my Father in Heaven for this truly wonderful life and for the precious truths I learn every single day. 

Finally I fall into bed and close my eyes. The room is dark, but I'm illuminated with the Spirit of God. And all I can think is "Tudo bem, tudo bem."


I thought I'd build a little picture of how my day looks here in the MTC. Before coming here I had no clue what missionaries did to prep. Now that I know I figured it'd be interesting to show friends and family back home what being a missionary-in-training is really like. Keep in mind that this is just an example of a general day here. Not every day is the same. Other days we have service projects, devotionals and then preparation days like today! If anyone has questions to ask, post on the comments in the facebook group or message my mom and I'll respond to them in my next letter home! Thanks for all of the letters, love and support! Till next week!!


Sister Hawkins

P.S. CONGRATS to Hayley Meise and her call to serve in Spanish speaking Oregon! I'm SOOOOO excited for you Hayley!

Note from the Mom: Ok everyone, I have a special request for my girl.  Next Friday, December 13th, as some of you may know, is her BIRTHDAY! PLEASE take a little time out of your week if you can and send her a Birthday card!  It would be awesome if we could just flood her with cards, she would LOVE it. Even if it's not a card, send a Dear Elder letter, or one via snail mail. Thank you, thank you!  Here's her address at the MTC:

Sister Sienna Hawkins
Missionary Training Center
2005 N 900 E
Box 120 BRA-JDF
PROVO, UT 84604 

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  1. Hi Sienna, I love the pictures of you, especially the one with the book over your head. When I first saw it, I thought that you looked as if you were wearing a Puritan Quaker Amish bonnet hat. lol
    You have a very positive attitude and great personality. You will do us all proud!
    Love, Uncle Jack