Friday, December 20, 2013

Have a MERRY CHRISTMAS Everyone!

Another week in the MTC and what a crazy week it's been! I had so many fantastic experiences which I'm excited to share!

First, this Wednesday I had the opportunity to host new missionaries. This means that I met new sisters who were dropped off by family and then showed them to their rooms and classrooms. The best part about it was being cheerful and getting them excited to be here. Most were teary-eyed from leaving family but I left every single one in an excited state. Yes, I even got to see Dallin... er Elder Seguine. No worries! He's great. I talk to him as often as I see him... which isn't a lot, but he seems well. It's so nice to see a familiar face! He probably thinks I'm such a dork because I get so excited whenever I see him.

Another cool experience I had was on the same day when Sister Menasco and I were selected to demonstrate to new missionaries "How to begin teaching". It was so nerve-wracking to have an audience as we taught to an investigator, but fun nonetheless. However, the cool experience happened while we were waiting to demonstrate to our second group of new missionaries. We were waiting in a sound room where we found a man working the sound box and another man texting in the corner. I began talking to the man in the corner and discovered that he was actually a nonmember. (Background: he was waiting for his friend who was an investigator for the new missionaries). Sister Menasco and I proceeded to have such an awesome conversation with this man and even had the opportunity to teach a mini lesson. We left so excited that we had the chance to teach someone even before hitting the mission field. It's absolutely remarkable how the Lord places us where we are needed at just the exact moment. No matter where I am I need to be prepared to carry out His plan. 

I can't even believe all the things I've learned here in the MTC. It's so weird to think I'm leaving soooooon. Only one more P-day here, one more email, and then it's off to the mission field I'll go. (By the way, I'll be getting reassignments most likely this week since my visa isn't here).

You're probably wondering how I'm feeling. Hmmm. My emotions are jumbled, as per usual being a girl, right? I am sad to think of saying goodbye to a family I never expected to find. My district has been and will always be a group of inspiring Elders and Sisters that hold a piece of my heart. Together we've been torn down on the hardest of days. But as often as we've been thrown to the ground, we've been even quicker to jump back to our feet. With that in mind, I'm also incredibly excited to step out of the comfort of my district and face the real world. I've recently realized that now is the time for me to really center all my reliance solely on the Lord. 

As Christmas approaches I find myself thinking more and more about the trust I have in my Savior. Normally the thought of Christmas encompasses the idea of family, friends, music, cookies, and gifts. But as these things are subtracted from my Christmas equation, I've come to understand why I need to be in the MTC at this time. Each of the sacrifices I've made to be here has only strengthened my trust in the Lord. And I've learned that in every sacrifice, a blessing or gift is returned. Instead of focusing on sitting around the tree with my family Christmas morning, I choose to center my thoughts in thanksgiving for the Savior and gifts that He has blessed me with. Specifically the spiritual gifts I have since these are the gifts that we'll keep forever past this life. If you're unsure about what spiritual gifts are, study it! Look up 1 Corinthians 12, Moroni 10 or Doctrine and Covenants 46. All of the gifts listed in these chapters are beautiful blessings and beyond that, the Lord blesses us with even more gifts. This Christmas I hope that you all will take the time to tell someone you love what spiritual gift they have. 

I wanted to give an example of this through my family. Since I couldn't give my family gifts this year, I figured telling them what they're spiritual gifts are is just as comparable. 

Mom: You have the gift of comfort. The way you can make anyone, even those you hardly know, to feel comfortable in whatever situation, is incredible. 

Dad: You have the gift of great faith. I look up to you in the faith and trust you have upon the Lord in all aspects of your life. 

Trevor: You have the gift of teaching. I couldn't think of another way to title it, but you have an incredible ability to make important principles understandable to anyone, especially me!

Keegan: You have the gift of diligence and of course, intelligence. You work harder than anyone I know to be on top of things and yet you still have time to share your knowledge with others so they                  can progress. 

Adele: Your gift is bringing joy and happiness to all who surround you. Do you know how important that is? Most people search for these things their whole lives and you naturally bring this light to their lives. 

Merry Christmas family and friends! I hope the holidays are everything you wish them to be and more. Many thanks for SO many wonderful care packages I received this week for Christmas and my birthday! Thank you thank you thank you!!! You are all in my thoughts and prayers! 


Sister Hawkins

A few more gifts for all of you, take the time to remember the reason for the season!

And then this one of course! I'll miss watching this one with the family on Christmas Eve, but I'll be thinking of you all!


  1. Oh my goodness, what a beautiful post and idea. The gift of saying which spiritual gifts you recognize in others. LOVE THIS.

    1. Right Dalene!? Sweetest thing ever. (drying my eyes still...)

  2. So grateful to hear that she has seen Dallin and he is well. It's amazing how any news at all of my boy makes me so happy! That Sienna is the best :)