Monday, March 2, 2015

Turn to the Word

How can it really be Monday again?! This week was incredibly rushed and I feel like I don't have much to say.... at least last week you got to hear a good story.

This week was a little tough... lots of things fell through and left us a bit discouraged. But we had stake conference and President and Sister Cascardi came to speak. At least there was something awesome to look forward too. Luckily by the time the conference came around, the week turned a little better with answered prayers, Maria's confirmation, chocolate cake (thanks to Sister Hekking and her birthday!), learning how to samba (hahaha) and more! 

You'll have to forgive me for the lack of good emails. I'll tell you a secret.... my creativity at this point in my mission has escaped me. I'm not sure where it went, but if you can find it for me I'd gladly take it back! Unfortunately, to add to the dullness of my emails, photos will be harder to send. Both of my SD cards for my camera have viruses and won't let me upload pictures. I'm quite afraid to even plug my camera in and try again. I can take pictures, just not upload them. I will see if a member can help me out. In the meantime I'll send the pictures my companion sends home... if she sends any.

Goodness lots of little stresses this week. But hey, what's life without a little stress? It's easy to get caught up in all the downs of missionary life...and life in general. What we have to remember are the things that really matter. In the end it doesn't really matter if one person rudely spoke to us or if my camera won't upload pictures or whatever else it might be. All that's really important is right here at my side. I've learned on my mission that when life gets really stressful and you feel incredibly discouraged or maybe even annoyed, the scriptures are a good source to go to. This week I had one of those moments and rediscovered one of my favorite chapters of the Book of Mormon...3 Nephi 17. If it's been a while, go back at read that chapter keeping in mind how much the Lord truly loves us. (click *here* to read online)

I best be going. Thanks for the prayers and the updates! I hope all is well! Love you all! 

Sister Hawkins

P.S. Mom, you should be getting my travel arrangements soon. Goodness, already?!

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