Monday, March 30, 2015


I tried to leave the house like this.... take note of my feet.

From the picture above, you can get a glimpse at the kind of day I'm having. I can just hear Trev's commentary: oooooh my goshhhh, I'm so confused, I'm wearing flip-flops with socks. Haha! Oh Tebs. But it's ok. I just laugh at myself on days like this! 

I have to apologize yet again for my horrible post. I feel like I never have enough time to write what I want to and then my time is up. I don't even have time to share with you my favorite scripture this week! But I will share with you my favorite video. Watch it. Share it. He lives! He is here!

#BecauseHeLives I get to be here in this beautiful country. #BecauseHeLives I wear His name on my tag and in my heart, always. #BecauseHeLives I get to teach people about Him, and share His gospel. #BecauseHeLives I have seen lives change. #BecauseHeLives I will get my real shoes on, put a smile on my face and do the work I was sent here to do! 

#BecauseHeLives I get to live with Him again. 

I encourage you all to find Him this Easter season. He is here! 

Love you all,
Sister Hawkins

More group selfies with Ana!

P.S. Check out for a day by day break down of the week leading up to Easter. It's awesome! Click here ---> Easter Week. Also, can't wait for conference! Tune in next weekend!!!

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  1. I love the comment of wearing His name on her heart. Always the great attitude in every situation. And, hey, who hasn't tried to leave the house in crazy shoes?!?