Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Transfer to Petropolis

picture of the district this week

Alrighty so I have about 5 minutes. It's gonna be a quick one today. 

Big news!! I got transferred!!! Now I'm here in Petropolis which is in the state of Rio. Before I was in Minas (the center of country). It's absolutely beautiful here and I'll be sure to take pictures this week to prove it. There's a ton of history and cool buildings because here is where Kings and Queens used to live long long ago. 

My new companion is Sister Santos. She goes home after this transfer so in missionary terms, I'll be killing her. She's from the northern part of brasil and super sweet. I'm excited to work with her! 

I'll try to send some pictures to make up for the lack of email. 

Spiritual thought: READ MY FAVORITE ISAIAH CHAPTER. Its beautiful. Isaiah 55 (click *here* to read online). I know you'll love it. 

Ah so sorry for this terrible email. Next week will be more promising!! 


Sister Hawkins

this elder served in my mission and returned to visit.
turns out he's from one of the wards that Ian served in. Small world! 

180 of muriae


  1. The pictures always make up for short emails! Glad she will be having a new adventure!

  2. All the "missionary terms" crack me up... I cannot keep up with all of them!