Monday, February 2, 2015

Oh Say What is True

My week in pictures:

monday- travelled to Juiz de Fora for our zone conference. One elder got transferred so no, those are not our overnight bags... though some sisters are crazy like that.

(but her mom secretly loves that she travels with her little pillow!)

tuesday- conference! We met with 2 other zones and President Cascardi. President held a really great conference with lots of words I needed to hear.  I'm always grateful to hear from President who holds the keys to guide us in the work!

Wednesday- Back to work we go. This is in one of the bairros we work in every week. It's quite hilly.

Thursday- work day! We worked so mucht hat we forgot to take a picture. Here's our excited-for-bed faces.

Friday- We found a new fruit! Well an investigator gave us them from her backyard...which looks like a  rainforest! Sister A had never seen this fruit either so it was something new to the both of us. It's a cute little yellow fruit called Abiu that grows on trees. Its very sweet and one of my favorite fruits I've had in Brasil.. unfortunately you can't buy it in markets. It's just a fruit you find or grow. Not really sure why. The most fun part about this fruit is that it glues your lips. It's not very strong, but it's fun and you just pass butter on your lips to dissolve the stickiness. Cool, huh?

Saturday- bike ride in the park. As we talked to some families in the park we found these cool bikes. They only appear here on the weekends and they're tons of fun! If the sidewalks in New Hope were bigger, these would be perfect!

Sunday- We went on a team up with one of our young women and had lots of fun. She won lots of goodies from our apartment as there are always things to give away.

And that's that! Week filled of fun. Always doing something different.

Before I sign off I'll tell you of a revelation I had while reading the Book of Mormon this week. Well not quite revelation, but you'll see. 

I was studying the story of the prophet Abinadi who defended his belief of God until he was burned to death by a wicked king and his people. Abinadi suffered more than I imagine the scriptures express. Of all his efforts, only one man was converted- just one. His name was Alma. Abinadi maybe never knew about Alma's conversion, maybe Abinadi thought his efforts in that wicked city would never produce fruits. Later in the Book of Mormon we learn more about Alma who became one of the biggest prophets and leaders in the entire book. He ended up converting whole tribes and kingdoms and established churches in many cities. He then had a son who did the same. 

Talk about fruits! But what it comes down to is Abinadi who stood up for his faith, which converted the one soul. It reminds me of a sciptures in Doctrine and covenants "And now if your joy will be great with one soul that you have brought unto me into the kingdom of my Father, how great will be your joy if you should bring many souls unto me!"

Abinadi brought Alma! I can imagine the joy he had with God after his death. Fun fact- in Portguese, the word "alma" means "soul"....Cool right? It's up to us to be strong like Abinadi to set the example of righteousness. In doing so, God will place one like Alma in our path. He will place that one soul which is not just any soul, but one like Alma who will lead many into the kingdom. An "alma" who will become a great leader and fisher of men. 

But first, it begins with our defense of the truth. 

Love you all! Have a good week!

Sister Hawkins

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