Tuesday, September 2, 2014

We Walked and Walked and Walked and Walked....

So.. I didn't tell you last week that this past week Sister Vasquez and I have been... wait for it... wait.... WALKING!
Yep. We had to turn in our car for repairs... we were told 3 days we'd be walking! I know I know... it's nothing really. That's basically what most missionaries all over the world do. But listen, here's my theory, ready? This is just a "practice run" for Brazil. That means it's gotta be close right?! Haha, one can dream!

In any case, I was unable to document the first day we had walking... but I documented the other days for proof that we were actually walking everyday...
Day 2
Our first full walking day started early Tuesday. We headed out, ready and excited to go. 

I found it a perfect opportunity to test out my walking shoes!! But they weren't as fitting as I thought. 

Who would have thought that in GA we'd run into some strange problems. Like cool hidden trails between apartment complexes that don't quite connect...

We planned our day accordingly and to our benefit, there are about 5 complexes nearby all in walking distance. All we had to do was 
climb over sticks...

...walk across a ton of grass...

...and a few streets...

...and a highway! 

Just kidding... we went under the highway. There was a really nice breeze the whole day and we were super happy to be out teaching. We found lots of people to talk to and then when it came time we returned home back across the grass, highway and complex trails and into our beds where we slept oh so well. 

Day 3:

Happy and ready, off we went, out for round 2 My test trial shoes went poorly the day before with a few blisters and sore ankles. And after learning of the trail problems, I came prepared this time...

Again the same thing as the day before but this time we had a few appointments. We went traveling from person to person until the end of the day when we could barely take a selfie. 

Day 4
With smiles and the knowledge that we'd get our car back that night, we set out again.

Ready to roll. It turned out to be as hot as Africa (haha oh trev) and I got a little bit sunburned :(. But we took break in the shade often for recovery and also to attend to my bandaids... which I've been using tape since I sweat bandaids off too fast and they're expensive.. gross I know. 

But also we stop in the shade to figure out where to go...

...and to take a few ridiculous selfies of course...

And we went on our merry way. Though the heat slowed us down incredibly. As the day went on, in what seemed like a matter of seconds, the clouds turned dark, and BOOM. POURING rain. We had to wait for it to settle before walking but nothing stopped us!

...except for maybe my shoes... 

But to our dismay the storm was only a foreshadow of events to come. When we went to pick up the car, they told us it wasn't ready. We were pretty bummed. Lots of hopeful appointments and plans were cancelled. And we really didn't know if we had enough food to feed ourselves for 3 more days...BUT we hiked up our pants (uhh, skirts?), rolled up our sleeves and went to work- trusting that God would make it work.

Day 5
And we were back, walking again. 

Maybe a little less excited than the first day but happy to be on the Lord's errand. We sort of dropped off this picture craze because believe me, you wouldn't have appreciated those. It was so hot and we were just a mess. Honestly I'm not sure why anyone let us in.. But the work is all about DOING, so onward we went.
Oh thank goodness we found a ride to church! Church is only a half hour in the car but on foot?? Oh man. But sadly after church Sister Vasquez wasn't feeling well. So I made lots of calls and appointments while she tried to rest. Could have been the rain/weather... who knows.
Day 7 Labor for the Lord day!
This day our mission made it a goal to go out and bless as many people as we can. Which means that we were to offer kneeling prayers with as many people in their homes as possible so we could bless their family, friends and pray for any of their needs. At times it was difficult to get to houses we were inspired to go to..

But we travelled on and though it seemed even hotter than the days before we pushed through. Until the floods came...again. And by the end of the day, we looked something like this (pic of our feet up on the table).

You know it has been a pretty interesting experience to say the least. I really felt like I got to see Georgia! You miss so much when you're in the car... especially when you're the driver. There's just so much around! We found fun things every day... an elephant to go with my elephant shirt...

A big bottle of disgusting soda (gross soda... actually a member came and dropped it off),

 ...a cool road mirror...  

...and an empty,scary apartment. Lastly, of course, what's a journey without cokes to share with your BFF.

So we still don't have a car... but I think so far I'm passing the "Brazil Test."  We'll see what God thinks when I get the car back?
From the last few days though, I think my favorite part was just standing out a little bit more. Have you ever seen missionaries walking around in the streets before? I don't know about you but I LOVE seeing that. Back home I once saw missionaries walking in Lambertville, NJ and it was the coolest thing. It's just so neat to know that even when we don't feel like we're being noticed, we are. I think there's an old saying something like it takes 7 touches to really be influenced by someone. And maybe just seeing us in the streets is a touch! One of the first things I love asking people is if they've seen missionaries like us before and to all those that saw us this week they can say they have!
You never know the kind of effect you have on people... especially missionaries. We just feel like we're dumb 19 or 20 year old kids. But it's us the Lord has trusted to do this calling... to fulfill His purpose to "bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man" (Moses 1:39) And well, since that's the case, we will go and do it!
Thanks for keeping up with my adventures! Many more to come! Love you all!
Sister Hawkins

Guess someone didn't like this breakup song!

Note from the Mom: Sister Evans from the Douglasville area sent me some FABULOUS photos of Sister Hawkins and Sister Pribyl. Here's a link to the pics if you want to see more photos of my squiggly-browed girl! Click *HERE* THANK YOU SISTER EVANS!!!

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